The true way of things appears

And they came and filled her heart with love.From this love, she was strengthened and she realized she wasn’t along because this was family.

She turned to look up to god and realized he had been there all along, looking down on her, just waiting for her to catch up. And the moon came out of the clouds, shining its light down on her and she laughed and laughed as she realized this joy had been here that whole time and she had caged herself. But now the gate was open and joy came flooding her, all the joy she hadn’t been living.

That night she curled up under the large wise cedar tree, dreaming of hope and family and what would come the next day. Every day new wonders appeared to her, new miracles, new blessings, and those emerged who had been there the whole time.

The world was open to anything and it wanted her to trust that it was full of magic to be discovered.

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