Return to power

And she remembered her power source, so long ago forgotten, and dug it up from where it had been buried. It had broken long ago and she had been afraid to repair it, but she knew it was now time to make it whole again.

Her hands shook as she turned it over to be repaired, but the woman handled it with love and gentleness, even though to the average person it was just a cheap trinket.

She put it on her body and the power coursed through her, radiating out from her chest, and she felt like weeping from graditude and from missing this, missing the feeling of being whole and powerful.

And there was that which had fastened onto her neck long ago, holding the emotion in, preventing her from crying out. With this return to power it could no longer live there and it fought to stay, but in the end it came violently out of her mouth and she choked and sobbed and screamed. And then it was gone.

She now glowed and everywhere she went people commented on the trinket because it radiated that which was deep inside, which was kind and beautiful. And she started to connect with those she passed on the street and whose paths crossed her and a smile easily came with the sharing of love and connection. The world was a kind and friendly place of magic again.

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