Out of the mud

So she began to stumble through the world again. Her feet would sometimes dance and leave but she could not fly yet. Maybe someday again.

And there was still a deep sadness that pulsed through her body, and anger at being trapped for so long and regret that she hadn’t been dancing these years that had passed, that those around her also had not danced. While once she was the little fairy butterfly of happiness, bringing joy to the world, now she had a hard time laughing and smiling and her movements didn’t flow. They were stiff and jerky and she was afraid of those that looked upon her now.

She knew deep inside still lived that joy and that someday she would dance with the world again. But it embarrassed her that she had grown so stiff and brittle and that any great wind coming in threatened to break her heart in two. She wanted to open her heart to the world, to be able to trust again, to be able to laugh and heal and see the past, the future, and the present and let go of fear.

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