The magic returns.

And sometimes she wanted to scream out in pain and anger. Scream so loud that the birds at the top of the mountains could hear it. Let the world feel my pain.

But instead she held it deep inside where it lay dormant for many years but like all things there reaches a time when they no longer fit where they are put. And things started to shake and rumble and who knew what destruction would happen when they finally came out. The fear built, the fear of that anger for those who had trapped her and stolen her magic while she was busy being in love.

But magic is powerful and it has a way of going back to the source, so while she stood there in the mud, the magic was returning. Not gently, not with love, but with a force to shake the ground to loosen the mud that held her there. Gentle would no longer do it. Instead the magic came back through her heart, wrenching it open and saying, “look, look out into the world. You may not stay here any longer. You are needed. You must be powerful and strong again.”

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