Little orange dragons

She lifts her head suddenly to listen, putting a finger to her lips, a look of wonder and puzzlement on her face. Quietly she pushes herself up and walks to the edge of the field. She softly raises a hand to taste the wind, fingertips stretched towards the north, twisting her fingers so that they point down yet still reach for the stars. The wind softly blows her hair back from her face as she looks up into the sky. Out of the north comes, what looks like a butterfly at first, its soft wings beating against the wind. As she reaches up to meet it, a small orange dragon, barely larger than a hummingbird lands on her fingertips. It stares at her with purple eyes and beats its transparent wings a couple times before folding them against its little body. Oliver stares at it, questioning. She has never called dragons before. The small dragon lifts its head to the north as it utters a shrill cry and suddenly she can see hundreds of dragons flying in, answering its call. A soft cry of amazement escapes from Oliver as dragons surround her, landing on her head, her arms and flying around her. Sebastian runs circles around her, batting at the dragons with his huge paws. He chases after them but they are always a step ahead. The dragons dance on the wind above her, their small cries piercing the still night. They move together, the dragons filling the night with a warm breeze and her and Sebastian on the ground, connecting earth and sky.

The first little dragon lands on her hand again and let’s out a small burst of flame. Oliver reaches out to catch the flame in her other hand before she thinks about the danger of it. But it doesn’t burn and she stands there holding the dragon fire in against her fingers. She can feel the warmth of it against her hand as she presses her fingers in together forming it into a ball of flame. She watches it burn, as she holds it no longer afraid of it. Bringing it closer, she blows on it softly. The flame reaches out, blue fire against the night, leaving her hand to spiral into the air above, heading back up into the sky where it came from. The dragon flies away after it, catching it in its small mouth and reabsorbing its glow.

Oliver lays down her head on the dew-covered grass with Sebastian nuzzling up close to her. The dragons settle around them, softly folding their wings and closing their eyes. She can feel the warm of their fiery hearts, so small yet powerful. Her love and their power come together as she slips into the land of dreams.

I want to be able to draw little orange dragons. But you see I’ve never been an artist, in fact I gave up long ago. I can see such wonderful images in my head but when I go to try to make them into a picture I end up with little stick figure people and funny animals that look like they were drawn by a five year old.

“What I beautiful donkey you drew there honey!”

“Actually it’s a dog.”

Up until now I’m been content to be able to write, to take those pictures in my head and put them on paper. But maybe I can be an visual artist, maybe I can learn to draw. Last year I wrote a picture book, but the thing with a picture book for children is that it isn’t much of a book without pictures.

fairySo I began my quest. I went to the local Barnes and Noble and bought a book called Fairy Artist’s Figure Drawing Bible and started to learn to draw people. The only problem is that while now I can draw a person that at least you can tell is a person they all have pointy ears and often wings. I guess I need the how to draw fairies without pointy ears and wings follow up book.

Next I bought How to Draw and Paint Fairyland . I figured I should give these little people I was drawing homes. Now I also can draw mushrooms, features, and leaves.

Lately I moved on with dragons with a book called Drawing Dragons . You see I want to be able to draw Oliver, Sebastian, and the dragons. So far my dragons don’t look like what is in my head but I’m going to keep trying. I hope that someday I’ll look down at what has come from my hand and see Oliver standing their calling the dragons.

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